Making modern design accessible and easy, with creativity around every corner.
Using recycled materials and minimal resources, all while being good land stewards.
Making holiday home ownership exciting and fun, just like vacation.

Welcome to Pantai Pod™.
Beach-inspired container homes that think outside the box.

  • We are a container-focused design-build team located in Selong Belanak, South Lombok, Indonesia—a beachside hideaway complete with pristine landscapes, friendly locals and a thriving expat community.

  • We bring the ease and durability of building with upcycled, eco-conscious shipping containers to lessen your environmental footprint and use fewer resources.

  • We’ve developed a proven Design-Build Process™, pre-designed Color Package System™ and valuable relationships with local experts to keep costs down and timelines on track.

  • Plus, with perks like pre-build quizzes and online project-tracking, we’ve made the entire process fun and engaging.

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In comparison to traditional architecture, shipping container homes—or “cargotecture”—offer a cost-effective and efficient building alternative. Add benefits like durability, eco-awareness and weatherproofing and you’ve found an exceptional holiday home solution perfect for the Lombok lifestyle.

The best part? These perks don’t have to be without luxury or style.

With artfully crafted finishes in uniquely “upcycled” containers, Pantai Pod™ homes are cozy yet spacious, each with conscientious construction that provides the utmost comfort, sustainability and, even, safety.

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Did you know: The average person makes approximately 35,000 decisions a day? With information overload at an all time high, it’s time for less complexity and more simplicity.

Especially when it comes to holiday home ownership.

That’s why, from start to finish, easy is what we do. Through ready-to-go blueprints and pre-designed interior options, we keep costs low and timelines to a minimum.

When it comes to creating memories with family and friends, why waste any more time realizing your dream? Let us help you get into a vacation property that’s ready to go.

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The best vacations are rooted in relaxation. In feeling free. In experiencing the new, the beautiful, the breathtaking.

That’s exactly how Lombok makes you feel.

Listed as #3 in Travel + Leisure’s 2018 “15 Best Islands in the World” Lombok is also one of 10 islands receiving infrastructure and tourism development support from the Indonesian government.

A natural wonder, Lombok is less-famous than neighboring Bali and that has become one of its true charms. From amazing beaches and awesome surfing to traditional villages with gorgeous crafts and textiles to incredible waterfalls and volcano hiking, it’s all here.


From land procurement to infrastructure, architecture to design, build to completion, our Design-Build Process™ is a replicable, innovative way through the holiday home ownership process. Lean and efficient, it was designed so you’re never paying for wasted costs or time, while always receiving the highest-quality product possible. Simple as that.

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pantai pod DESIGNS

40-20 POD DESIGN.png

40/20 pod

This two-bedroom holiday home sleeps four comfortably, with flexibility for a variety of sleeping configurations to meet the needs of one-to-two couples or a family of four. A covered patio connects the two containers with our signature “air-flow” design which allows for maximum space and comfort with a small land footprint.

20-20 POD.png

20/20 pod

This one-bedroom vacation home sleeps two comfortably, with an option to sleep guests on an additional sofa-bed if desired. A covered patio connects the two containers with our signature “air-flow” design that maximizes space and comfort, all with an even smaller land footprint.


Pantai Pod Color Packages

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ready-to-go design options

Making modern, holiday home ownership easy is our mission. That’s why we offer four, turn-key interior design options from which to choose. All to help you get a jump start on your dream. All to make the design decision-making process a vacation in itself.


About US

We’re Daniel and Elissa: life partners, creative team and fellow adventurers.

We discovered South Lombok in early 2018 while visiting on holiday. From the stunning beaches and landscapes to the warm people and culture, we found everything we hoped for in a vacation location.

Soon, after multiple trips to this incredible island, we realized we wanted to be a part of this amazing community and decided to build a holiday home as a getaway.

With our shared love of modern design—as well as a watchful eye on the environment—we took a fresh look at the traditional holiday villa and made a long-time dream come true: build a home with shipping containers.

A great way to create a comfortable dwelling without excess land or resource requirements, it was a perfect solution that also honored the pristine environment of Selong Belanak, the beach community we found to call home.

So, with Daniel’s engineering background combined with Elissa’s love of interiors, we sharpened our pencils and sketched out our vision. We found partnerships with local land developers and, most importantly, the leading container builder in Indonesia. And, finally, we harnessed our collective expertise in process development and documented our journey into a replicable model that could help others with this same dream.

And so, Pantai Pod™was born.

Please explore our site to learn how we make building a vacation home accessible, easier and more fun than ever. (It is vacation, after all.) Then contact us to get started.

At a point in our lives not too long ago, affordable island living seemed out of reach. Not anymore.

With Pantai Pod™, we’ve made our dream come true. We can help make yours a reality too.



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